Security Leaders Use Ranges & Simulation to Improve Their Security Posture

Would you board a plane if you knew the pilot got all As in flight school? Probably yes, but what if you learned that the pilot got all “A”s , but this was their first time actually flying a plane, and that they never went through any flight simulation training? You’d likely turn around and walk back to the terminal.

Just as surgeons must complete a residency, and pilots must undergo flight simulation, cyber defenders should be held to the same standard. Attendees will learn how simulation is quickly becoming a new standard in cybersecurity and how to leverage it when hiring, measuring risk and preparedness, and improving and maintaining security teams’ skills as the threat landscape becomes more complex.

Security leaders are now starting to understand that advanced technologies and processes aren’t enough to ensure an organization is truly prepared to face any threat, but that the last line of defense (the PEOPLE) must be prepared to detect and remediate a threat before it becomes an incident. This can be done using cyber ranges and other advanced simulation technologies, paired with a system that measures the learning and progress of cyber defenders.

Debbie Gordon

As founder and CEO of Cloud Range, Debbie Gordon is a globally recognized entrepreneur leading a new category in cybersecurity. Cloud Range was founded on the premise of closing the cybersecurity skills gap by giving security teams the ability to gain real-life experience and practice defending against live cyberattacks in a protected customized dynamic environment. A consummate entrepreneur, Debbie began her career 25+ years ago in the technical education/certification space and has since built and sold several companies in eCommerce, IT asset management, and training.

Hear Debbie May 10-11 2022 Register for Austin Cyber Show Zoom Events

Join US and Canada cyber community members at the inaugural Austin Cyber Show Conference at Concordia University Texas, May 10-11. During the two-day cyber defense conference, participants can engage in discussions with peer leaders and industry experts on the cyber risks and challenges that businesses, leaders, developers, educators, and students face each day. Attendees will walk away with new insight and leadership lessons learned to defend against ransomware, phishing, and data exfiltration attacks. Five Cyber-By-Fire Skill Certificates are available to earn at the event and via Zoom Events online for 30 days afterward. Certain Zoom Event features only work in US/CAN.

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