Exfiltration Prevention Certificate

The fundamentals of Exfiltration prevention start with Data Loss Prevention DLP. Below is a diagram of various DLP methods designed to prevent data from leaving an organization by various methods. Users often mistakenly send sensitive data in email text or attachments. DLP email scanning discovers and sequesters sensitive data before it is sent outside a safe boundary.

We created the diagram below to step through various scenarios explaining how various aspects of the system work step by step. Key to the conversation is what DLP protects and what it does not protect and why.

Encryption is key to data security, but there are ways attackers use encryption to evade detection. This is a significant issue for different DLP capabilities. Decryption is often employed in DLP scenarios, unless the encryption private certificate is not owned by the organization, as with most SaaS and external web applications.

These are essential concepts application developers, systems and network administrators need to understand to better protect an organization’s vital data.

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