Building a Modern SOC Requires Attack Surface Validation

Sam Harris, Stratascale

Building a Modern SOC Requires Continuous Attack Surface Validation:

The Modern SOC requires continuous validation of the attack surface to understand what threats exist, how those threats change every day, and the impacts they may cause.

Protecting your enterprise from breaches and bad guys in the cloud era means staying several steps ahead. If your Security Operations Center (SOC) fails to keep up with changing technologies and tactics, your risks multiply significantly.

The enterprise SOC assumes responsibility for centralized, consolidated cybersecurity ranging from incident prevention through detection and response. Tasks typically focus on security monitoring as well as device management, threat intelligence, incident response, and training.

Enterprises have now added Attack Surface to their SOCs and are expanding that Attack Surface as fast rate forcing the SOC to know a wide range of technology, attacks, and prioritization strategies. In order for those SOCs to be successful they’ll need to ensure the data they receive about the Attack Surface is continuously validated to avoid falling into the rabbit hole.

Sam Harris

Security Professional specializing in Vulnerability, Attack Surface, and Risk Management.

Responsible for the vision and development of service offerings to assist organizations in securing their Attack Surface. Fortune 500 Security Professional who assisted in developing an automated Vulnerability and Risk Management program for multi-national sites.

Practice Lead and Service Operations Manager of Security Operations for Managed Security Services provider.

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