Networked Medical Device Connectivity Security

Networked medical device connectivity. What does this mean and why does it matter? Life sustaining devices such as patient monitors, infusion pump systems, ventilators, and a host of biomedical equipment are typically connected via hospital and healthcare facility Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The fact that they are connected to the network and potentially the Internet creates an inviting attack surface for attackers. Peel will expertly guide you through design & threat modelling considerations of medical device security, including the shared responsibility model, and the introduction of the new IEEE 11073 interoperability standard for devices.

About C. Emma Peel

Peel is a dynamic professional speaker highlighting her expertise in information security and compliance. She enjoys sharing insights through popular and relevant articles tackling the challenges and complexities of post-pandemic Cyber Security. Noted by her peers as possessing a vast wealth of knowledge, not just in Cyber-security but in many other areas of IT and possessing a true passion for technology. Currently Director Security & Compliance, Draeger Medical, following eight years as Global Information Security Officer & Risk Manager at a G2000 pharmaceutical and life sciences organization. Previously worked as a Principal Technical Consultant where she designed technical architectures for biomedical and energy organizations. Holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of South Alabama.

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