Day / Week / Month in the Life of a CISO: Sameer Sait & Mustapha Kebbeh

CISO: Day in the Life of CISO’s Sameer Sait & Mustapha Kebbeh

In this session, two seasoned CISO’s will talk about their experiences in leading and managing information security organizations. First they will discuss the day-to-day activities in the life of a CISO, followed by the more strategic and business-facing activities required to be successful in the role and finally delve into how external events impact both their strategic and tactical objectives.

Sameer Sait, Former CISO, Amazon/WFM

CISO Entrepreneur Investor Advisor

Sameer Sait is a seasoned information security leader with years of experience leading global, cross-functional teams. He recently exited the Information Security function for’s largest subsidiary – Whole Foods Market. His global organization is responsible for IT governance/risk/compliance, security operations, threat intelligence, identity/access management, application and architecture security, eDiscovery & digital forensics. Prior to this, Sameer served as the VP, CISO at two Fortune 500 firms: Arrow Electronics and MassMutual.

Sameer is an advisor to a number of security startups and an active angel investor. His educational background includes a master’s degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona.

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Mustapha Kebbeh, CISO Brinks

As Chief Information Security Officer for a global enterprise, I head vision and strategy for all IT cybersecurity, enterprise risk management, and IT enterprise architecture impacting 75,000 employees around the world. My goal is to protect information data and technologies from actual and potential threats, both internal and external to the organization.

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